"С тех пор, как Гуттенберг изобрел печатный станок, молодежь пошла не та. Уткнутся в книгу - никакой духовности.» Никола Флавийский, 1444 г.
Если вам, как и мне, было мало 6 серии, а ждать седьмую как-то надо, то вот несколько интересных обсуждений, статей и интервью на английском о 6 серии:

Очень интересное интервью с иполнительницей роли Мэгги Мишель Моноган:

Пожалуй, самый интересный кусок оттуда, где Мишель объясняет мотивы поступков Мэгги:

Critics have said that True Detective is male-centric, that it’s the Rust & Marty show, and that female characters have been marginalized. What’s your response?

I think Episode 6 is a good rebuttal to that critique. The reason why I signed on to the project is because I loved Maggie. I thought she was a completely fleshed out character. She has this very meaningful arc. She starts out as a nurturing person—a very protective wife and mother. She’s trying to keep her marriage intact. But ultimately, in Episode 6, after Maggie finds out about Marty’s infidelity once again, and she sees her own daughter’s behavior unraveling, no doubt because of Marty’s absence, she realizes she really needs to do something critical in order to save herself and her daughters. And the ultimate revenge for her is to have an affair with the person Marty is most threatened by—his partner. She knows that Marty will never, ever be able to recover from that.

I’m curious about Maggie’s motivation for going to Rust’s apartment. You used the word “revenge.” Was it revenge? Or was she trying to free herself?

Oh, I think she was freeing herself. Definitely. There’s some revenge there, certainly, and I think you see it when she sits down at the kitchen table and really sticks it to Marty. But the ultimate choice—the choice to sleep with Rust—was made to free herself from the marriage.

The moment when Maggie comes to Rust’s apartment—there’s been an attraction there since the beginning. Was it always sexual?

Maggie has this really engaging relationship with Rust—a friendly relationship—at the same time she almost has a non-relationship with her husband. And I think that’s the attraction she has to Rust. From the moment they sit down to supper together in the first episode, she sees somebody who’s a little awkward, a little uncomfortable, a little vulnerable. She’s a very curious and inquisitive person, and when Marty leaves the table she takes the opportunity to ask his new partner the questions she’s been dying to ask, and Rust answers them truthfully. And I think that shocks her, because Rust engages her in a way that Marty doesn’t. He seems to be open with her. He enjoys spending time with her. And she starts to sincerely care about his well-being. She becomes a matchmaker for him. She wants him to look after himself.

I thought the sex scene in Sunday’s episode was remarkable—such a complex and believable mix of lust and anger and regret. You and Matthew McConaughey nailed it.

Thank you! When Maggie takes advantage of Rust, it hurts her as much as it hurts him. She’s not proud of herself. That is the most devastating thing for her, ultimately—that by being selfish, by using him, she hurt this person she really cared about.

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Вино сохраняет. Бог терпит.
о, спасибо за интервью с Мишель.

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"С тех пор, как Гуттенберг изобрел печатный станок, молодежь пошла не та. Уткнутся в книгу - никакой духовности.» Никола Флавийский, 1444 г.
нои-альбинои, а пожалуйста))).


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